Thursday, June 10, 2010

# 40 a sample of substance produced by a ribosome

ribosome turn mrna into protein that transports down to the protein synthesis

#45 multicellular organism

multicellular organism are organisms that consist of More than one cell and have a differentiated cells that perform specialized functions in the organism

this organism is multicellular because it has more than one cell

#14 a compound with at least 3 different elements

carbonic acid

#8 a fungi that carries out anaerobic fermenation

alcohol lactate

actetic acid

#3 a structure that is made of a phospholipid layer

there is two protein channels protein molecules and a carbohdrate chain

#37 an example of an animal that underwent deuterostome development

a sea cucumber

deuterostome are a superphylum animal they are a subtaxon of the bilateria branch of the subregnum eumetazoa and are opposed to the protostomes

#59 a substance produced by autotrophs that provides energy for both autotrophs and heterotrophs

complex organic compounds produced by autotrophs are broken down into simple substances that provide energy to autotrophs and heterophs the energy is stored in the organic compounds